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Our Philosophy

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Company Motto

  • We contribute to our society with following motto.
  • We make our products with highest quality and low cost in timely manner.
  • Strive to improve our techniques to surpass our competitors.
  • Strive ourselves to improve the quality of our lives.
  • Strive for growth and stability for our company.

Company Outline

Company name Taketoyo Kogyo industry Ltd.
Representative Director Masamu Nozawa
Location 2-11 Minamihiramatsu,Iwata-city,Shizuoka,Japan
Date of Establishment October 3,1984
Capital 3 million yen
Business Descriptions Plastic Painting/Assembly
Main Banks Hamamatsu Shinkin Bank Ryuyo Branch
Shizuoka Bank Ryuyo Branch
Iwata Shinkin Ryuyo Branch
Phone 0538-66-6490
Fax 0538-66-5441
E-mail info@taketoyo.co.jp

Company History

October,1984 Established in Hiebara Ryuyo-cho Iwata-gun
June,1985 Relocated to Onakaze Ryuyo-cho Iwata-gun
December,1985 Registration of Painting Industry
June,1996 Relocated to Minamihiramatsu Ryuyo-cho Iwata-gun
December,2001 Built the Second factory(Electrostatic painting line), office
December,2004 Built the Fourth factory(Shipping warehouse)
June,2006 Built the Fifth factory(Warehouse)
March,2011 Acquired a business management innovation (development and commercialization of "a dust free production”, a TACT style fully automatic painting system to improve the defects of waterproof floor conveyors)
January,2012 Built the Sixth factory(Workshop for Inspection and Assembly, cafeteria)
December,2012 Built the Automatic Robot Painting line in the Second factory

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