Taketoyo Kogyo industry Ltd. | Plastic Injection moulding, Painting, Assembly

Business Descriptions

Business Outline

We specialize in injection moulding, painting, and assembling interior/exterior parts of the automobiles and plastic parts of the motorcycle/home appliances. We also receive many requests for moulding of painted products and paintless materials. We aim to provide products and services with satisfying quality utilizing hand painting line, electrostatic painting line, automatic robot painting line to adapt all varieties of product specification. We also respond to diverse requests such as (moulding only), (moulding and assembly), (moulding and panting), (moulding, painting and assembly), (painting only), (painting and assembly) upon our customers requests.

Management Innovation

In March 2011,we have obtained a recognition of the business management innovation with our theme “development and commercialization of a dust free production”, a TACT style fully automatic painting system to improve the defects of waterproof floor conveyors. We completed an automatic pre-processing facility which is not possible to do with floor conveyor to provide a stabilized pre-processing and it cleans accretions such as dust and thus reduce the defect rates.


Moulding Process

Injection Moulding

230 tons (Electric Motor) x 1
350 tons (Electric Motor) x 1
450 tons (Electric Motor) x 2
680 tons (Electric Motor) x 1
Total 5 (as of January 2021)

Painting and Assembly Process


Masking tapes and Jig


Solvent cleaning(IPA)
material destaticizing blow
*automatic robots lines are automated cleaning(hot water/cold water1 and 2, pure water, surface adjustment) cut dry air blow


“1. Overhead line

1) Hand painting line (4C1B, drying temperature up to 90℃ for 40 min) Product dimension up to 750 x 750 x 1200
2) Electrostatic painting line (4C1B drying temperature up to 95℃ for 40 min) Product dimension up to 750 x 750 x 1200

2.Turntable style
solo robot (1C1B, drying temperature up to 60℃ for 30 min) Product dimension up to 500 x 500 x 400

3.Floor conveyor line
automated robot painting line (4C1B, drying temperature up to 100℃ for 60 min) Product dimension up to 800 x 800 x 1400″

Appearance Inspection

We inspect based on the product specification

Assembly and fabrication

Sticker, rubber mold application, emblem application, clipping assembly, screw driver assembly
(equipped with electronic driver and torque checker)


We pack based on the products packing instructions


We ship to any designated addresses