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Privacy policy

We do our utmost care to protect customers’ personal information. We exercise the strictest care in handling and management of information in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation, other applicable laws and guidelines based on the following policies.

1) Purpose of acquisition, use and disclosure of personal information

We will obtain customers’ personal information by fair and appropriate means for the purpose of corresponding with the customers and providing our service. We disclose the purpose and utilize the information only within those purposes as follows.

  • To provide our products, required documents and information.
  • To use for our marketing strategy

2) Management and protection of personal information

We appoint the data management managers who is responsible to protect and manage personal information with utmost care. We share and disclose customers’ personal data to the third parties only when customer consent has been obtained. We will implement appropriate safeguards to prevent the loss, damage, tampering, leakage, or illegal access.

3) Sharing of information

We may disclose personal information with third parties for appropriate and smooth fulfillment of the transactions with our customers. The third parties will implement Personal Information Protection Standard by establishing confidential agreements. We manage and supervise such third parties to safeguard the handling of customers’ personal information.

4) Disclosure, Correction and Deletion of personal information

Please contact us if you wish to request disclosure, rectification or deletion of any personal information we obtained.

5) Improvement of managing personal information

We make continuous improvement on our management system and establish our internal regulation and educate our employees on proper handling of personal information.

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